Saturday, July 22, 2006

The nurse who draws my blood at the South West Cancer Center is lovely. No, I mean really. Her name is Cheryl Lovely. She has caramel coloured skin and large brown eyes , a heart shaped face framed in black ringlets. The first time I went back to the lab where the blood work is done, I had an entourage: Gina, Jim and my dear friend Joel. She asked if we liked to dance and we said yes. She showed us some moves. Joel and Gina tangoed across the floor. Gina took stealth pictures with her phone. She took a shine to us and we to her. She asked me if I knew that "sassy little mama, Lexi Perlmutter". I said "of course". "I thought so... you must be trouble just like her," she said with a wild look in her eyes. "You bet!" We laughed. " Good!"

An old black woman was having her blood drawn beside me. There was a far away look in her eyes, the shadow cloak of invisibility wrapped around her shoulders. It was as if she were no longer here. Her breathing was shallow. The pain in her body had sent her away. I worried about how much fun we were having, as if our joy and playfulness might somehow cause her more suffering. She may have been too withdrawn to notice or care. I felt a deep sadness for all the people who were there alone; silent, frightened and waiting.

Nurse lovely took the blood from my left arm, carefully protecting my right arm from the risk of lymph edema. She joked about being a vampire. She explained to me how she was never going to tell me, "poor girl... you have cancer, how aweful!". I told her I liked that. "Why do you think I like working here?" she asked. I didnt know.

"Becasue, I get to see miracles everyday... I have already claimed your healing." She held my face in her hand and kissed me on each cheek.

There is an angel in the lab. She is lovely.


Blogger Pat said...

your courage is inspirational.

OTOH, I like vampires.



9:46 PM  
Blogger anji said...

you made me laugh and cry
blades of grass push up through the pavement
where the grass thought it was plowed under
surprise! Life pushes up through!
And eye love you,

10:02 PM  

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